WOTC is one of the leading sugar exporters in India.We are one of the biggest sugar supplier of refined sugar S30 and Icumsa 45 sugar. India and Brazil are few on the largest sugar suppliers in the world. From india we can supply S-30 sugar and from Brazil we can supply Icumsa 45 cane sugar and Beet sugar.


S30 Sugar S30 sugar is a widely consumed commodity globally, used in various food and beverage industries. Our S30 sugar is sourced from reputable producers, ensuring exceptional quality and consistent sweetness. Importers seeking a trusted supplier for premium S30 sugar can rely on our extensive network and commitment to delivering on-time shipments. 



Icumsa Sugar Icumsa sugar, known for its fine texture and exceptional taste, is highly sought-after in the international market. Our Icumsa sugar is sourced from reliable producers and undergoes stringent quality control measures to ensure superior flavor and purity. Importers can count on us for timely delivery, competitive pricing, and a wide range of packaging options. 

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