Exporter Agent Service

Manufacturers/ Exporters who are interested in selling their products overseas in bulk quantities and wish to increase their revenues shall grant exclusive rights under a written contract to WOTC to identify potential buyers and distribute goods to specified countries or regions in which they are not selling.

Our specialized services as an Exporter Agent include the following

  • Market research and identifying reliable Buyers /Export market.
  • Price negotiation and terms of Payment.
  • Placement of Orders to Manufacturer/Exporter.
  • Enter into contract with a local distributor in Foreign country.
  • Assistance in production planning.
  • Assistance in getting necessary approvals, trademark, industrial design or patent registrations In foreign market.
  • Advice on design of labels/customized labels, packaging.
  • International Trademark search and registration.
  • Ensuring timely payment for goods supplied.

Manufacturer Exporters have to provide us with photos and samples of their products, product specifications, packing and labelling details, terms of payments, details of quality certifications commission details, target market and most competitive prices.

All the above services are provided for service charge in the form of commission.

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